Boosting team morale in childcare

Boosting Staff Morale in Your Childcare Center

As a director (or teacher) in a child care center it is easy to get lost in the day to day tasks that have to be accomplished immediately, and you may notice that as you become increasingly overwhelmed and stressed that your staff morale will decrease at the same rate. What can we do to […]

Five Things Kids Need After Hurricane Harvey

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we will have kids in our care who need extra support. Here are five things that kids need after a crisis. Related: After Harvey: Caring for our Kids After a Crisis, Kids Need… Routine.  As much as possible, maintain daily schedules of meals, naps and bedtime. Routines are comforting […]

Help Children after a Hurricane

After Harvey: Caring for our Kids

This week, thousands of young children will be pouring back into child care facilities after some time off for Hurricane Harvey. Whether you are directly affected by the crisis or reeling from the media images, I know you’re concerned about how all of this affects young children. In this article, I will share some tips for […]

Preschoolers Want to Learn!

It’s back to school time and if you are working with preschoolers you know how excited they are about learning! Did you know that you can use your student’s names as a fun way to introduce reading and writing?  Here are some fun facts about preschool literacy learning! What’s the first word that children want […]

Back to School for Child Care Teachers

Summer is coming to an end and, even if you are in year round childcare, back to school time brings new changes to your classroom. New faces, new personalities and new opportunities are all a part of the beginning of the year routine and the first weeks are spent creating a classroom community where everyone […]

Tinkering Builds Resilience in Our Students

Let me tell you a story about two little boys. At the time they were five and six years old, and they loved to take apart their toys. As a self-taught mechanic himself, their father understood the importance of nurturing this hands-on approach to self learning and encouraged them to explore how things work. One […]

“I am You and you are Me”

Boy, do I love how brains develop and the beautiful way little ones begin to make sense of their world. Meet Cadence. Twenty-two months old.  She’s got lots and lots of language; she talks all the time! Those around her can decipher about 15% of the meaning of her ongoing dialogue. One consistently distinguishable word […]

Sing Baby, Sing

Children don’t care how you sing, just that you sing! – Ann McKitrick Infants and children LOVE music. Whenever music starts playing or someone starts singing you are bound to see a child nodding their head, babbling along with it or even succumbing to full blown dance mode! Not only is music fun but studies […]

Early Childhood Development: The First 2 Years

This month early childhood professionals celebrate “Week of the Young Child” (WOYC), sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The purpose is to raise awareness of the needs of young children and their families – and to celebrate those who work diligently to provide the very best for all children. Early […]

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