Early Childhood Development: The First 2 Years

This month early childhood professionals celebrate “Week of the Young Child” (WOYC), sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The purpose is to raise awareness of the needs of young children and their families – and to celebrate those who work diligently to provide the very best for all children. Early […]

Effective Communication in Childcare Centers

Developing a healthy, effective communication style between parents and the early childhood staff is essential to maintain and ensure that your childcare center is running smoothly, with the best interest of the child put first. Open Communication Benefits Parents, Teachers and Children! When parents are allowed open communication with directors and staff of their childcare […]

Healthy Child Care

Habits for Healthy Child Care Centers

We are thick in the middle of cold and flu season, which lasts from September to April. Does your child care center have healthy habits? What Actually Makes us Sick? Since most people get sick in the winter, is it the cold weather that makes us get sick? Or is it our response to cold […]

Stop the Spread of Disease in Your Child Care Center

Diseases spread at an accelerated rate in the childcare setting because of the nature of the environment. Toys are constantly being shared, fingers are going into mouths and children are in close contact with one another. It’s our job to supervise children as they play and teach hand washing, hygiene, and ways to minimize the […]

Positive Guidance Helps Manage Bad Behavior!

Positive Reinforcement  We all have our day to day hardships when we are working in a classroom full of small children, often the biggest struggle I have seen is our inability (or constant struggle) to get our students to obey. The most effective method of managing behavior is through the application of positive reinforcement. When […]

Teaching Gratitude to Young Children

When I was in college I worked in a wonderful little on-campus infant/toddler child care center. So many years later, I still recall this incident… A dad walked into the school and was just turning the doorknob on the half-door of the classroom when he observed his 2-year old daughter hit another child. His reaction was […]

Adding Humor to Your Classroom

When I was a teacher in the infant classroom in a college demonstration preschool, there were moments every now and again when all eight babies in our class cried at the same time. Now you know what happens when you hear ONE baby cry – those beautifully designed cringes/impulses to do anything you can to make […]

Connecting with Each Kid in Your Class

As we begin a new school year, I know things are CRA-ZY! But don’t let the busyness of setting up your classroom and getting into new routines keep you from the most important part of your job…connecting with kids. The Student-Teacher Relationship is Powerful Children naturally attach with the adults in their lives. As one […]

Killing creativity

6 Things That Kill Kids’ Creativity

Creativity Builds Brains As teachers of young children, we know that encouraging creativity is a huge part of our job. But did you know that creativity is more than just about having fun? The process of creating something from our own imagination enhances brain development and is important for: Cognitive skills Emotional development Building imagination Communication Physical development […]

summertime activities for child care

Do you have worms?

One of my most vivid memories as a young teacher was the kids’ fascination with worms. On our playground, which was mostly dirt with a little grass and some trees, there were tree stumps about two feet tall that children would sit on and pound with hammers. Every day they would ask us to tip […]

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